Knitted Panel Filters - Lightweight & Excellent Grease Filtration

A knitted panel filter, also known as a grease filter or air filter, is a framed filter element for grease/dust separation. Compared to traditional woven mesh layers, inner filtration material is multi-layers of metal knitted mesh, which is complex and irregular to make sure apertures are uniformly and precisely distributed for better air-borne grease and dust capturing and max filtration effect up to 98%.

Normally it is used as pre-filtration of inlet systems for air conditioning, heating or cooling system, air washers, compressors, and turbines to prevent small dust and particles from entering. It is also the best suited for grease separation for industrial kitchens whilst maximizing air intake into your cooker hood.


  • Large grease/oil capture capacity
  • Inner metal material with high strength
  • High-temperature resistance, acid & alkali resistance
  • Durable and washable for longer service life
  • The inner pad also can be replaced easily
  • Different material, density, and size choices to meet different needs
  • Available with handles or fold upon request

Different type choices:

Panel filters are normally constructed with three parts: outer metal frame, inner filtration core, and support mesh. Besides knitted mesh, we can also use rhombus foil mesh folded inside as filtration core, which is widely used for coarse air filtration and EMI shielding.

To suit different demands, we can also supply corrugated woven mesh core and polyester /synthetic fiber core as below pictures.

Two stainless steel panel filters with crimped support mesh and knitted mesh filter cores
a corner of stainless steel panel filter with knitted mesh core

PAF-1: Panel filter with stainless steel knitted mesh core

a corner of panel filter with expanded aluminum foil core

PAF-2: Panel filter with aluminum rhombus foil mesh

a corner of stainless steel panel filter with corrugated mesh core

PAF-3: Panel filter with stainless steel corrugated woven mesh core

a panel filter with polyester or synthetic fiber core and expanded support mesh

PAF-4: Panel filter with polyester and synthetic fiber core


Here I also list simple material choices below:

Outer Metal FrameGalvanized steel
Stainless steel
Inner Filtration CoreAluminum
Galvanized steel
Stainless steel knitted mesh (corrugated type)
Combination material of PP and stainless steel
PP/polyester or synthetic fiber
Support MeshStainless steel welded mesh
Stainless steel crimped mesh
Stainless steel expanded mesh
SS perforated plates for the highest support strength
Seven pieces of knitted panel filter with galvanized steel mesh core are stacked on the floor

PAF-5: Panel filter with galvanized steel knitted mesh core

PAF-6: Panel filter with PP knitted mesh core

a stainless steel panel filter with handles and drain holes

PAF-7: Panel filter with handles and drain holes

a stainless steel panel filter replacement pad

PAF-8: We supply knitted replacement filter pads separately

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