Filtalloy Offers Wide Mesh Material Choices for Different Applications

Filtalloy also supplies quality woven mesh in copper, brass, bronze, and Phosphorus Bronze. No matter standard sizes or customized sizes, cut pieces, or long mesh rolls, we will happy to process your requests. All our products are strictly measured and tested, well packed with paper tubes, we will try our best to supply first-class service to every client.


  • Filtration: Air & Liquid filter and separation, oil strainers
  • Architectural: Ceiling panels, wall panels, room divider, mesh gutter guards, insect screen, pest control screen, decorative signage      
  • Furniture: Cabinet door, Wine locker, glass infill panels, lamp shade              
  • Art & Design: Jewelry, Sculptures,
  • Shielding: Faraday case, EMI/RFI shielding in hospital, laboratory, military shelter, modular containers, HVAC and other electrical-based applications, Industrial heat shielding, fireplace screen
  • Industrial: Power storage and heaters, chemical processing and diffusion
three woven mesh rolls in copper, brass and bronze

Material Choices We Supply:

  • Copper Woven Wire Mesh
  • Copper Woven Mesh, in dark amber-red color, is made of high purity copper wires with about 99.9% Cu. Although it is not strong as brass wire mesh and stainless steel wire mesh, it exhibits the best ductility, malleability, and conductivity of electrical and thermal conductivity. With good resistance to atmosphere corrosion, it will not act with water as copper itself creates a green protective layer named Patina. Moreover, it has good resistance to sparking and flame because it will not burn or support combustion.
  • Brass Woven Wire Mesh
  • Brass woven mesh, in bright gold-like color, is mainly made of UNS 27000 with 65% Cu and 35% Zn. Similar to copper mesh, it is also soft and malleable, with will cause less friction to perform well to resist spark and flame under explosive gases.
  • Bronze Woven Wire Mesh
  • Bronze woven mesh, in brownish-red color, is made of UNS C22000 copper alloy composed of 90% copper and 10% Zinc. Therefore, bronze has lots of similar characteristics to copper, such as excellent ductility, malleability, and durability, but exhibits stronger strength than copper, which makes it strong enough to be used for separation and filtration fields. Meanwhile, it has better corrosion resistance so it is widely used for outdoor even marine and military applications.
  • Phosphorus Bronze Woven Wire Mesh
  • Different from bronze woven mesh, a bronze woven mesh is made from a non-ferrous copper alloy UNS C51000, which mainly includes about 94% copper, 4.75% Tin, and 0.25% Phosphorus. It has better toughness, strength, and fatigue resistance so it has a very fine mesh that normal bronze, copper, and brass mesh can’t reach. Meanwhile, it features better corrosion resistance and excellent electrical conductivity even under very low temperatures without adding an excessive heat load
    a roll of copper wire mesh

    CWM-1: Copper Wire Mesh

    a roll of brass wire mesh

    CWM-2: Brass Wire Mesh

    a roll of bronze wire mesh

    CWM-3: Bronze Wire Mesh


    • Roll width: standard 1m and 1.2m, other smaller or larger widths can be customized upon request
    • Roll length: Standard 30m. OK to be produced as a request
    • Packing method: paper tube + wrapped with waterproof paper, put into wooden case
    Specification of Copper Woven Wire Mesh
    CWM0031603 × 31.60020.0636.8580.270.6574Copper, Brass, Bronze, Phos Bronze
    CWM0031203 × 31.20.0477.270.2860.7367Copper, Brass, Bronze, Phos Bronze
    CWM0041194 × 41.19380.0475.15620.2030.6593Copper, Brass, Bronze, Phos Bronze
    CWM0051005 × 510.0394.080.1610.645Copper, Brass, Bronze, Phos Bronze
    CWM0060896 × 60.8890.0353.35280.1320.6248Copper, Brass, Bronze, Phos Bronze
    CWM0070807 × 70.80.0312.830.1110.6078Copper, Brass, Bronze, Phos Bronze
    CWM0080718 × 80.71120.0282.46380.0970.6022Copper, Brass, Bronze, Phos Bronze
    CWM01005110 × 100.510., Brass, Bronze, Phos Bronze
    CWM01006410 × 100.6350.0251.9050.0750.5625Copper, Brass, Bronze, Phos Bronze
    CWM01205112 × 120.5080.021.60.0630.5761Copper, Brass, Bronze, Phos Bronze
    CWM01205812 × 120.58420.0231.5240.060.5226Copper, Brass, Bronze, Phos Bronze
    CWM01405114 × 140.5080.021.30.0510.517Copper, Brass, Bronze, Phos Bronze
    CWM01604616 × 160.45720.0181.1430.0450.5102Copper, Brass, Bronze, Phos Bronze
    CWM01804318 × 180.43180.0170.99060.0390.485Copper, Brass, Bronze, Phos Bronze
    CWM01805018 ×, Brass, Bronze, Phos Bronze
    CWM02004120 × 200.40640.0160.86360.0340.4624Copper, Brass, Bronze, Phos Bronze
    CWM02004520 × 200.450.0180.820.0320.4169Copper, Brass, Bronze, Phos Bronze
    CWM02403624 × 240.35560.0140.71120.0280.4444Copper, Brass, Bronze, Phos Bronze
    CWM02803028 × 280.30.0120.610.0240.4493Copper, Brass, Bronze, Phos Bronze
    CWM03002530 × 300., Brass, Bronze, Phos Bronze
    CWM03003030 × 300.30480.0120.53340.0210.405Copper, Brass, Bronze, Phos Bronze
    CWM03003330 × 300.330.0130.520.02030.3743Copper, Brass, Bronze, Phos Bronze
    CWM04002540 × 400.2540.010.3810.0150.36Copper, Brass, Bronze, Phos Bronze
    CWM05002050 × 500.2030.080.310.0120.3652Copper, Brass, Bronze, Phos Bronze
    CWM05002350 × 500.22860.0090.27940.0110.3025Copper, Brass, Bronze, Phos Bronze
    CWM06001860 × 600.1780.0070.250.00970.3412Copper, Brass, Bronze, Phos Bronze
    CWM06001960 × 600.19050.00750.22860.0090.2975Copper, Brass, Bronze, Phos Bronze
    CWM07001270 × 700.120.0050.240.010.4444Copper, Brass, Bronze, Phos Bronze
    CWM08001480 × 800.13970.00550.17780.0070.3136Copper, Brass, Bronze, Phos Bronze
    CWM08001780 × 800.1650.00650.150.0060.2268Copper, Brass, Bronze, Phos Bronze
    CWM09001390 × 900.1270.0050.160.00610.3108Copper, Brass, Bronze, Phos Bronze
    CWM100100100 × 1000.10.0040.150.0060.36Copper, Brass, Bronze, Phos Bronze
    CWM100114100 × 1000.11430.00450.15240.0060.3265Copper, Brass, Bronze, Phos Bronze
    CWM110102110 × 1100.10160.0040.12950.00510.314Copper, Brass, Bronze, Phos Bronze
    CWM120094120 × 1200.0940.00370.11680.00640.307Copper, Brass, Bronze, Phos Bronze
    CWM150066150 × 1500.0660.00260.10410.00410.3745Copper, Brass, Bronze, Phos Bronze
    CWM160064160 × 1600.06350.00250.09650.00380.3638Copper, Brass, Bronze, Phos Bronze
    CWM180050180 × 1800.050.0020.090.0040.4133Copper, Brass, Bronze, Phos Bronze
    CWM180058180 × 1800.05840.00230.08380.00330.3473Copper, Brass, Bronze, Phos Bronze
    CWM200053200 × 2000.05330.00210.07370.00290.3368Copper, Brass, Bronze, Phos Bronze
    CWM250041250 × 2500.04060.00160.0610.00240.3605Brass, Bronze, Phos Bronze
    CWM270041270 × 2700.04060.00160.05330.00210.3222Phos Bronze
    CWM300039300 × 3000.0390.00510.04570.00180Phos Bronze
    CWM325036325 × 3250.03560.00140.04320.00170.3005Phos Bronze

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