Filtalloy supply the metal filter for new energy

Metal Filters with Fine Filtration and Robust Strength for New Energy Industry

For powder and energy resources, micro-expanded metal mesh plays an important role, especially for the battery & fuel cells industry, where high surface area is required. The micro-expanded metal mesh is produced by the shearing and stretching process. This process increases surface areas more than solid metal material. The energy is stored in the surface area. Thus it could increase energy density and capacity.

Another new energy application is lithium-ion batteries. Lithium battery electrolyte is the most important material for the production of lithium batteries. During its production, there’s non-full reaction material-Lithium fluoride granules (0.1-0.22um) generation. Traditional filtration could not meet this demand. We Filtalloy researched the asymmetric sintered metal filter and solve this problem effectively.

Relevant Product:

Micro Expanded Metal

Electro-chemical conductor in new batteries
  • Small openings with high stability
  • Excellent power-to weight ratio
  • Titanium Wire Mesh

    Titanium Wire Mesh

    For Battery Current Collector and Electrode
  • Low density and high strength
  • Excellent anti-corrosion resistance
  • Asymmetric Sintered Metal Filter

    Asymmetric Sintered Metal Filter

    For renew energy, battery material filtration
  • Reach 0.1um filtration rate
  • Improved retention rate to 99%
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