Sintered Mesh Filter with Higher Strength to Resist High Pressure Drop and Uniform Pore Size to Avoid Particles Escaping

Sintered mesh filter, also named diffusion bonded metal wire mesh filter, sintered filter, is popular in the industries of catalyst recovery, pharmaceutical refinery, gas filter and so on. It’s mainly used in the places where there high temperature or high pressure requirements are needed.

Sintered mesh filter is consisted of 2 – 5 multi layers of wire mesh layers. Fine layer is for filter, Corses layers for division and support. The coarse layer can also be replaced by perforated (punching) sheet, which has higher strength for higher pressure drop situation. Usual thickness is 1.7mm. Other thickness are also available. Pls order the sintered mesh filter according to your demand.

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  • Uniform filtering size
  • The integrated structure is steady, not easy to deform
  • High pressure resistance, up to 3000PSI differential pressure
  • Heat resistance, up to 480℃
  • Highly corrosive. Our product could work very well at sea water. We choose the suitable material to help customer solve corrosive problem
  • Easy to wash by high pressure jet washer, brushing, steam and so on
  • Auto self cleaning, shorten the equipment maintenance and shutdown time

Application of sintered filter element:

  • Pharmaceutic: API production, catalyst recovery, refining filter, nutsche filter, ANFD filter etc
  • Fabric: polymers, pigment, monomer etc
  • Chemical: Herbicides, Pesticides, chromatography frits, resin trap
  • Energy: LNG gas, ion-exchange resin, petro refining, circulating coolant, etc
  • Coal industry, such as centrifuge
  • Waste water treatment
  • Pulp & paper bleaching
sintered candle filter elements with different connectors.


  • Material: SS304/316/316L, also Alloy ( Hastalloy, Inconel 600 and 625, Monel, Titanium, Duplex and so on)
  • Filtration: 2um-300um
  • Different adaptor, such as 222, 226, BSPP, NPT and other customized kind
  • Types: plate types and cartridge types
  • Plate Size: 500×1000mm, 600×1200mm, 1000×1000mm, 1200×1500mm not welding Other sizes could also be customized
  • Cartridges also available in different diameters and lengths to be applied in high pressure environments.
The five layer sintered mesh is combined with different mesh count and greatly increases the mesh strength.

Top view of five-layer sintered mesh

Five layer sintered mesh has robust strength to resist high pressure drop.

The five layer sintered mesh is constructed with 2reinforced layer, 1 separation layer, 1 filter layer and 1 protective layer.

Cross section drawing of five-layer sintered mesh

Five-layer sintered mesh with increased strength & protection on filter layer

Standard Sintered Wire Mesh Data Sheet of Five-Layer Sintered Mesh
ModelNominal RatingStructureThicknessAir PermeabilityBubble Point Pressure
Note: Weight kg/m2, 5 layers sintered 8.4kg; 6 layers sintered 14.4kg
6 layers sintered mesh with another layer of 12 mesh to resist high pressure. Thichkess reaches 3.5mm
Data Sheet of 2-7 Layers Sintered Wire Cloth
ItemFilter rating(um)Structure (mesh /inch)Thickness
Porosity (%)Weight
SMF2-T0.52-100Filter layer+60 0.5601.6
SMF3-T0.72-10060 +Filter layer+60 0.7562.4
SMF3-T1.02-20050 +Filter layer+20 1.0 583.3
SMF3-T2.02-200Filter layer+20+82.0586.5
SMF4-T1.02-20060+Filter layer+40+20 1.0454.4
SMF4-T1.72-20040 +Filter layer +20 +16 1.7556.2
SMF5-T1.92-20030 +Filter layer+ 60 +20 +16 1.9525.3
SMF5-T2.52-20080 +Filter layer +30 +10 +8 2.5558.8
SMF7-T2.02-20050 +filter layer+ 40 +20 +40 +filter layer+50 2.0587.4
Note: 1. Filter layer could be customized according to your demand.
Other layer structures could be adjusted based on your specific requirement.
Technical Data Sheet of Sintered wire cloth and Perforeated Plate
ModelFilter Rating
SMF-T22-20030 +filter layer +30 +D4×P5×T1.026.757
SMF-T2.52-20030 +filter layer +30 +D5×P7×T1.52.59.850
SMF5-T32-20060 +filter layer +60 +20 +D6×P8×T2.0311.950
SMF5-T3.52-20020 +filter layer +20 +10 +D8×P10×T2.03.512.654
SMF5-T4.02-20020 +filter layer +20 +10 +D8×P10×T2.5414.255
SMF5-T4.32-20020 +filter layer +20 +10+D10×P13×T3.04.316.850
SMF5-T5.32-20020 +filter layer +20 +10+D10×P13×T3.05.320.651
Note: Other structures could also be customized
It’s suitable for higher differential pressure drop application.
the stainless steel sintered filter discs are constructed by several layers, resistant high pressure

SMF-1: Multi-layer stainless steel sintered round discs in stainless steel

an arched square sintered mesh filter element in stainless steel

SMF-2: Arched square Titanium sintered mesh with laser cut install holes

SMF-3: Sintered mesh filter cartridge with fine mesh layer for air filtration

SMF-4: Laminated filter tube in 20um filter rate for oil & water filtration

two sintered metal filters for coal industry

SMF-5: High strength sintered mesh filter elements to resist coal industry high pressure drop

two backwash filter elements with perforated plate and spiral support rods outside

SMF-6: Sintered filter with perforated layer and spiral support rod outside to increase strength

two auto self cleaning filters are used for irrigation water treatment

SMF-7: Auto self cleaning sintered mesh filter elements for differential pressure environment

SMF-8: The sintered metal filter elements in three different sizes together used as gas turbine oil filter

stainless steel sintered mesh filter elements with long male threaded connectors

SMF-9: Sintered mesh filter elements with long male threaded connector

SMF-10: Sintered mesh filter elements with short male threaded connector


SMF-11: Sintered mesh filter elements with hexagonal connectors

the stainless steel sintered filter cartridges have handles and fixing holes

SMF-12: Sintered mesh filter elements with flange and handles

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