We manufacture the precise metal filter elements for coal mine

Metal Filters with Resistant Corrosion and High Pressure Drop for Coal and Mine Industry

The mining industries have extreme and rigorous conditions, which require safe and reliable equipment. And it needs high demand for efficiency and continuous service. Our experienced team designs effective solutions to remove damaging impurities. It not only avoids the negative impact on the whole process but also reduces maintenance time. Our products’ signature is corrosion-resistant, which is extremely suitable for the mining environment.

High efficiency, maximum benefits, and safety is our working principle. Filtalloy is your ideapartner.

Our products are used in the following areas:

  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Ferrous metals
  • Rare earth
  • Noble metals
  • Iron ore
  • Coal

Relevant Product:

Arched V Wire Screen

For paper, pulp, coaand mine industry
  • Uniform slot holes
  • Higher filter area than wire mesh filter
  • Min. clogging material

  • Wedge Wire Basket

    For coamine filter, water filter, beverage filter etc.
  • Fast automatic self cleaning
  • Variable diameters to suit different needs
  • two sintered metal filters for coal industry

    Sintered Mesh Filter Elements

    For coamine filter
  • Robust strength with perforated plate for supporting

  • Pleated Metal Filter Cylinder

    Hydraulic Of Filter Element

    For coamine filter, oifilter
  • Pleated filter materiawith larger working surface
  • High pressure rate

  • PaneFilter

    For air filtration in minging to keep miners safe
  • Large contact area to efficient air filtration
  • Re-washable and replaceable core
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