Compressed Knitted Mesh for Filtration Areas

Compressed knitted mesh is molded knitted mesh by being layered, folded, and placed into a compression die to create a ring, round, square, or other customized shapes. As an integrated porous filter element, it presents a “torturous” path to let air, liquids, or oil pass through in high efficiency and particle retention.

To suit different applications, we produce compressed knitted mesh in different densities and wire diameters. These two factors are important to determine the filtration performance, dirt holding capacity, and pressure drop. For example, in the same density/ weight, larger wires open larger paths to allow particles to flow through and will create less pressure drop. Normally larger wires mean less expensive, but less working efficiency, so it’s important to help customers to find a balance. We can give suggestions to give a range and produce samples to help customers to test and determine the final product.

Meanwhile, the compressed mesh has good vibration reduction properties and is widely used in areas where there is constant shock or bearing load, even in a corrosive environment or under ultra-high temperatures.


  • Be-spoke pressure mold to ensure accurate size with tight tolerance
  • High filtration efficient with an excellent economical solution
  • Automatic production process shortens production time
  • Good high temperature and corrosion-resistant
  • Adaptable material, shapes& sizes to meet different uses


  • Material:stainless steel, Monel, Hastelloy, Inconel, titanium, copper, brass, tinned copper, aluminum, galvanized steel, steel, etc.
  • Wire shape:Round wire or flat wire
  • Wire diameter:1mm, 0.15mm, 0.23mm, 0.25mm, 0.28mm, 0.3mm, etc.
  • Shape and size:As clients’ requirements
  • Wire number:Available in both single-wire and multi-wire structure
Compressed Knitted Mesh for Filtration Areas


FiltrationAirbag filters
Engine breathers
Particle and droplet separation
Exhaust gas system
Explosion protection
IsolationNoise reduction
Heat isolation
Mechanical EngineeringVibration and shock damping
Sealing for catalytic converters
OthersEMI shielding
Fuel cells
Pest control
compressed knitted mesh filter rings in copper, stainless steel, brass and aluminum

CKM-1: Compressed knitted mesh in different materials

a ring-shaped compressed knitted mesh pad made in SS304

CKM-2: Compressed knitted filter in a tubular shape

A special round shaped compressed knitted mesh pad made in SS304, with a center hole and top edge

CKM-3: Compressed knitted filter in special round shape

CKM-4: Knitted mesh filter made based on client’s request


CKM-5: Compressed knitted filter in cylinder shape

a flat square-shaped compressed knitted mesh filter used for liquid fuel cell application

CKM-6: Compressed knitted filter for liquid energy filed

a special ring-shaped compressed knitted mesh filter in conical ring shape

CKM-7: Compressed knitted filter in conical ring shape

a special ring-shaped compressed knitted mesh filter combined with graphite

CKM-8: Compressed knitted filter combined with graphite

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