Asymmetric Sintered Metal Filter for Gas and Liquid Filtration

Filtalloy developed and researched the asymmetric sintered metal filter technique. It could reach 0.1um filtration and meet more industries higher demand on precise product. The fine filter film and coarse film is combined together to improve the filter performance on filtration precision and permeability. The thickness of film is 200um. The filter media could pass through rapidly and big particles are held up from surface.

The Asymmetric sintered metal filter with asymmetric (AS) membrane could reach filtration 0.1mm.

The asymmetric sintered metal filter with fine film could filter very fine particles and permit high flow passing.

Technical Data Sheet of Asymmetric Sintered Metal Filter
CodeFilter rating(μm)Porosity(%)Bubble Point Pressure (Pa)Outer dia.(mm)Length(mm)Material
ASM-F0.50.52511960Max 400mmMax 1600mmSS304L and 316L, Nickel, Titanium, Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy and other


  • Filtration accuracy and stable. Our asymmetric sintered meter filter membrane improve the retention rate to 99%, which is far more than usual material 95%.
  • High permeability because of the asymmetric structure
  • Surface filtration, easy to backwash
  • Double membrane structure. Filtration layer could be protected and extend the filter lifespan.


  • Filtering and recycling of diverse catalysts in Petroleum refineries and Petrochemical plants
  • Gas and liquid filtration field, which has lower micron demand
  • Renew energy, battery material filtration
  • Other precise filtration industry

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