Sintered Metal Fiber Felt with Porous Construction for Gas Filter

Sintered metal fiber felt is produced in a vacuum furnace, with metal fibers randomly laid. We select the fiber diameters and basis weight precisely, then control the pore diameter through thickness. The sintered metal fiber felt keeps a three-dimensional reticulated porous structure with high permeability, low-pressure drop, and excellent dirt holding capacity. The bigger particle could be captured at the outside surface, and small particles pass through the sintered metal fiber felt.

The metal fiber felt is usually sintered together with metal wire mesh to enhance the strength and subsequent longer on-stream life. Sintered metal fiber felt could be cleaned in sit and minimized the shutdown time, saving cost. 

 The usual available material is stainless steel 304, 316L, Hastelloy, Inconel, FeCrAl, etc. The sintered metal fiber felt is mainly used for gas filter and polymer filter. We have rich experience and could help suggest the most siutable material. If you have questions on choosing sitnered metal fiber felt, pls contact us.


  • Resist high temperature and corrosion
  • Suitable for critical air and liquid filtration application
  • High air permeability, low-pressure drop
  • High contaminants holding capacity, pleated structure available
  • Cleanable in situ, minimize maintenance and shutdown time

Features of Stainless Steel Sintered Fiber Felt:

Stainless steel sintered fiber felt
MaterialsStainless steel fiber
Filter rating2-100um
We supply the sintered metal fiber felt filter with plate and cylinder shapes.


  • Liquid and gaseous ammonia
  • Steam filtration
  • Electronic high-temperature gas dust removing
  • Polymer filtration and polyester melt purifying
  • Hydraulic filtering
  • Catalyst retention and recovery
  • Gasification
  • Pharmaceutical powder recovery
  • Ultra filtration pre-filter, refining process

Structure & Specifications:

The sintered metal fiber felt filter could be made by fibers only or combined together with wove mesh to increase the robust strength.

a piece of FeCrAl alloy fiber sintered felt without mesh

Sintered fiber felt without mesh

Sintered fiber felt with mesh

The stainless steel fiber sintered felt is pleated to increase the filter efficiency.

Pleated sintered fiber felt

Specification of Metallic Fiber Felt
CodeEfficiency (μm)Thickness
Thickness (inch)Porosity (%)Bubble Point (Pa)Bubble point
The stainless steel pleated filter cartridge is used for air filtration.

SFF-1: Pleated stainless steel 3um sintered fiber cartridge with two reinforced rings outside

The stainless steel filter cylinder is sintered fiber felt at outside layer.

SFF-2: Stainless steel sintered flat filter cartridge with flange and center flat handle welded together

The sintered metal fiber felt cylinder is used for dust removal.

SFF-3: Pleated stainless steel sintered fiber cartridge with improved filter efficiency for dust removal

The pleated stainless steel filter cartridge is fixed by reinforced belt.

SFF-4: Stainless steel pleated sintered filter cartridge with flange and outer support rings

one stainless steel fiber sintered filter with 2 reinforced belt

SFF-5: Stainless steel fiber sintered filter with outer support belts for automatic self cleaning

stainless steel pleated filter elements constructed by welding 2 segments together

SFF-6: Stainless steel fiber sintered filter element used for ammonia filtration

The pleated filter element is used for natural gas filtration

SFF-7: Pleated stainless steel sintered fiber cartridge for natural gas filtration with high dirt-holding capacity

SFF-8: Large pleated stainless steel sintered fiber cartridges with woven mesh and SS fiber felt together

The stainless steel sintered fiber felt is used for hot gas filtration.

SFF-9: Quality flat stainless steel sintered fiber cartridges for hot gas filtration

SFF-10: Sintered fiber felt in FeCrAl can resist high temperature up to 1100℃

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