filtalloy compressed knitted filters for automotive industry

Compressed Knitted Mesh - Keeping Automotive Industry Safe and Comfort

Filtalloy supplies a wide range of compressed knitted mesh to keep the automotive and vehicle industry safe and comfortable. With irregular but even holes, the compressed knitted mesh is normally used as airbag filters to catch particles and protect airbags from damage, meanwhile, they also purify the air during intake air preparation and engine ventilation.

Meanwhile, the mesh itself is resilient and widely used as anti-vibrate & sound gasket and seal rings. Normally the standard stainless steel material enables them to shield heat.


  • Airbag filters
  • Actuator filter
  • Engine Breathers
  • Spacer and damping rings
  • Catalytic converter wraps
  • Exhaust filter gasket
  • Filter of the intake system
  • Heat and sound isolator
  • Anti-vibrate gaskets

Relevant Product:

Compressed Knitted Mesh Filter

Compressed Knitted Mesh Filter

For automotive and vehicle engineering
  • Stable structure to damp vibrate and sound
  • Excellent sound absorbing and heat resistance
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