We supply the fine metal filter elements for chemical plant.

Metal Filters for Chemical Industry with Precious Filtration

We understand that improper filtration will bring adverse impacts to the final product of the chemical industry. For example, filtration can not meet demand- contamination and other impurities are mixed in the filtered media. As a result, it also affects the next process.   

Filtalloy’s filter solution helps protect this process and extend the lifespan of filters, meanwhile avoiding unnecessary waste. Our professional design and technique help to supply the optimal solutions.

Our products could be used for the following process for the pharma industry:

  • Powder fluidization. Powder fluidization is for tableting handling and recovery systems
  • Steam filtration, including in-line steam and hot water.
  • Medical devices such as drug diffusion testing, drug delivery implantable, respiratory equipment, surgical equipment, and so on.
  • Clarification and Pre-filtration. It’s to protect the expensive sterile filter system. Our filters are outstanding at holding more dirt, supplying robust strength for longer life and high purification.
  • Venting and Gas Filtration. Our metal pleated filter elements help to increase the filtration area and high flow rate with lower pressure drop.
  • Ultra-pure Water & Utilities.

Relevant Product:

Johnson Screen

For ion exchange equipment in chemical and water industries
  • Uniform slot hole with high flow rate
  • Viscous liquid not easy to be clogged
  • Filter Leaf

    Filter Leaf

    For leaf filters in chemical, food & beverage, pharma, oil industries, etc.
  • Online fast cleaning
  • Large flow volume
  • Porous Metal Filter Disc

    For fluidizing beds in chemical and steel industry
  • Good porous ability for heat transport to dry powders
  • Porous Solvent Filter

    For solvent and polymer filter in chemical industry
  • Uniform porosity
  • Precious filtration rate

  • Sintered Plate Disc

    Sintered Plate Disc

    For fluidization system in chemical and steel industry
  • With perforated plate to increase the robust strength

  • Brass Wire Mesh

    For Chemical Process and diffusion
  • Better resistance to abrasion and corrosion than copper
  • Sieving diversified pellet and filtering liquid&gas
  • Speical Alloy Wire Mesh

    For chemical industry
  • Variable material to filter under acid or alkaline environment
  • High temperature resistant

  • Demister Pads

    For liquid and gas separation in chemical industry
  • Effectively clean, dry, distillate and separate liquid drops from gas
  • With support grids, integrated or separated structures
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