Filtalloy manufacture different kind of metal filter elements for oil and gas factory

Metal Filters with Resistant Corrosion and High Pressure Drop for Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and gas are one of the most complex applications. As downstream products are used in various areas, it has different requirements on products, such as the oil catalytic degradation process of gasoline, diesel, oil residue, and so on. We researched and developed the metal filter elements to be suitable for such rigorous requirements and achieved high performance to help clients improve their filtration efficiency, and reduce waste and costs.

Our products are used in these areas:

  • Catalyst recovery, such as Platinum, Palladium, Raney Nickel, Rhodium Catalyst. This process greatly improves oil quality, minimizes maintenance and downtime, and reduces cost waste by at least 20%.
  • Fluid catalytic cracking. In the process of transforming crude oil and slurry oil to C3/C4, diesel oil, or other low boiling point oil, the petrochemical industry use catalyst to fulfill it. Our filter elements are used for catalyst recovery and the separation of other particles.
  • Hydrotreating, such as Residue hydrogenation unit, Fluidized bed hydrogenation unit, Lubricating oil hydrogenation unit, Benzene hydrogenation unit, and so on. This process is to improve fuel quality by Olefins saturated to improve stability. It also prevents catalyst clogging and fouling and improves filtration efficiency.
  • Amine scrubbing
  • Recycle cooling lubricants
  • Separating liquids from gas streams, such as ammonia
  • Gas mist separation

Relevant Product:

V Wire Screen Tubes

Johnson Screen

For oil, water, food, plastic industry
  • Slot hole not easy to be clogged by impurities,
  • Easy to clean
  • Sintered Mesh Filter Element

    For oil and gas industry
  • Multi layers sintered together for high pressure drop filtration
  • Reusable and easy to clean
  • Pleated Metal Filter Cylinder

    Pleated Metal Filter Cylinder

    For oil & gas industry
  • High filter area, high flow rate
  • Robust strength to resist high pressure drop
  • SPL Filter Elements

    For lubricant oil industry
  • High flow rate
  • Middle layer with supporting plate to resist high pressure drop
  • Porous Metal Filter

    Porous Metal Filter

    For gas, chemical industry
  • Distributor the gas or chemical uniformly
  • Filter part is one whole body without welding together, not easy to crack
  • Demister Pad

    For oil refinery industry
  • Reduce equipment corrosion, extend lifespan
  • Small pieces assembled, easy to install
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