We manufacture the sintered metal filter elements for pharma application

Metal Filters for Phama Industry Meeting the Standard of International Hygienic Requirement

Filtalloy supplies the most varied solutions for multiple Pharma applications. Taking into account the pharma industry having more strict requirements on quality and customers having numerous requirements, we introduced the state of art machines and employed experienced technicians to fulfill them. We offer the tailored metal filter elements solution according to each customer’s application environment. Based on this, we assure the purification, efficiency, and economics for all customers. And all of our products for pharma meet the demand for integrity tests and hygienic requirements.

Our products could be used for the following process for the pharma industry:
  • Powder fluidization. Powder fluidization is for tableting handling and recovery systems
  • Steam filtration, including in-line steam and hot water.
  • Medical devices such as drug diffusion testing, drug delivery implantable, respiratory equipment, surgical equipment, and so on.
  • Clarification and Pre-filtration. It’s to protect the expensive sterile filter system. Our filters are outstanding at holding more dirt, supplying robust strength for longer life and high purification.
  • Venting and Gas Filtration. Our metal pleated filter elements help to increase the filtration area and high flow rate with lower pressure drop.
  • Ultra-pure Water & Utilities.
  • Relevant Product:

    Sintered Plate Filter

    For powder fluidization of pharma industry
  • Uniform porosity for heat transportation
  • Robust strength

  • Porous Metal Filter Discs

    For drug diffusion testing and delivery, steam sterilization etc. of pharma industry
  • Fine and uniform pore size
  • Seamless structure with high strength
  • Sintered Mesh Filter Elements

    For air filtration of pharma industry
  • Robust strength
  • Fine filtration

  • Sintered Fiber Felt Filter

    For air and dust filter of pharma, fertilizer industry
  • Increase filter area, high flow rate
  • Fine filtration

  • Pleated Extruder Screen Disc

    For venting and gas filtration in pharmaceutical industry
  • High filter area and high flow

  • Perforated Plates

    For medicine process, drying and autoclave systems
  • SS316L material with stable work property
  • Uniform holes, variable shapes and sizes
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