Extruder Screen with High Strength

Filtalloy manufacture the extruder screen for plastic or rubber extruder machine, including both virgin plastic, recycled plastic and blown film. It also named screen packs, extrusion screen, filter screen. The plastic material is pellet form, then with the process of melting and filtration to go into next step. Our extruder screen mesh is used in this operation to assure the melt is clean and pure.


  • Material: iron steel, stainless steel, nickle-alloy, galvanized steel, brass and so on
  • Layers: single layer or multiple layers
  • Shape: circle, oval, rectangular, kidney-shape, and other customized shape
  • Dimension: round disc diameter 20-900mm , with or without rim binder
  • Kidney-shaped screens5”×3” to 3.5”×6.5”
  • Rim binder material: aluminum, stainless steel, iron steel or copper


  • Screen surface smooth without burs
  • Frame packs without edge not flat
  • Welding point uniform, not easy be broken
  • Accurate pore size
  • Resist high temperature
  • Accurate diameter
several pieces of stainless steel extruder screen pack


  • Plastic yarn and fiber, such as polyester, polypropylene, Nylon, Acrylic, and so on
  • Oil and fuel filtration
  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • BOPP film lamination industry
  • Monofilament industry
  • Blown film industry
  • Recycled plastic industry
  • Polypropylene Spun bonded Non-woven Fabrics

Different Layer types:

We could supply different types of extruder screen, including single layer , multi-layer point welded screen packs, pleated extruder screen types.

  • Single layer extruder screen is suitable for virgin plastic with little impurities.
  • Multil-layer extruder screen packs are normally 2 – 5 layers that spot welded or metal framed together, and mainly used for recycled plastic or having high requirement on cleanliness.

Meanwhile, multi-layer extruder screen is also available with pleated type. It increases filter area and designed for applications where high strength is needed.

one piece black steel round extruder screen in plain weave

EXS-1: Single-layer mild steel plain weave extruder screen

one ss round screen pack in extruder with multi layers spot welded together

EXS-2: Multi-layer stainless steel extruder screen packs

two stainless steel pleated extruder screens with rim binder

EXS-3: Pleated stainless steel extrusion screen with high strength

four pieces of dutch weave ss round extruder screen disc with single layer

EXS-4: Dutch weave SS round filter disc in single layer

EXS-5: Single layer kidney-shaped extruder screen for blown film process

two multi layer spot welded extruder screen with special shape

EXS-6: Multi-layer extruder screen packs of kidney-shape

EXS-7: Spot welded extruder screen with support rings on both sides

round plastic extruder screen with rim binder

EXS-8: Extruder screens with outer metal frame

EXS-9: Extruder screen with center installation hole

EXS-10: Metal framed extruder screen in ring shape

EXS-11: Metal framed filter disc in square shape

several pieces of spin pack extruder screen with metal frame spot welded

EXS-12: Spin pack extruder screen for face mask production

EXS-13: Pleated extruder screen in special shapes can be customized

EXS-14: Polymer filter candle for polyester fiber, oil and fuel plants

2rolls of stainless steel reversed dutch weave wire mesh belt filter screen

EXS-15: Reversed dutch weave filter belts for continuous filter extruding machine

Specification of Filter Mesh Belt (EXS-15 Reversed dutch weave filter belts)
CodeMesh CountWire DiameterFiltrationWidthLength per Roll
EXS15-04801048100.5 0.0540097-40010/20
EXS15-07201572150.45 0.5525097-40010/20
EXS15-132014132140.355 0.4525097-40010/20
EXS15-132018132180.355 0.4520097-40010/20
EXS15-152024152240.27 0.413097-40010/20
EXS15-260040260400.150.25 7597-40010/20
EXS-PW01007110 X 100.7110.0281.8290.07251.8
EXS-PW01404614 X 140.4570.0181.3570.05355.9
EXS-PW01604616 X 160.4570.0181.1310.04550.7
EXS-PW02005620 X 200.5590.0220.7110.02831.4
EXS-PW02004820 X 200.4570.0180.8130.03241
EXS-PW02403824 X 240.3760.0150.6820.02741.4
EXS-PW03003830 X 300.3760.0150.5310.02134.2
EXS-PW03003130 X 300.310.0120.5360.02140
EXS-PW04002740 X 400.2740.0110.3610.01432.3
EXS-PW05001950 X 500.1930.0080.3350.01343.6
EXS-PW06001960 X 600.1930.0080.230.00929.8
EXS-PW08001280 X 800.1220.0050.1960.00837.9
EXS-PW100010100 X 1000.1020.0040.1520.00636
EXS-PW120009120 X 1200.0910.0040.120.00531.8
EXS-PW150007150 X 1500.0710.0030.0880.00329.6
EXS-PW200005200 X 2000.050.002380.0770.00336.76
EXS-PW250004250 X 2500.040.0020.0620.00236.76
EXS-TW300040300 X 3000.040.0020.0450.00227.83
EXS-TW325035325 X 3250.0350.0010.0430.00230.49
EXS-TW400028400 X 4000.0280.0010.0360.00131.25
EXS-TW500025500 X 5000.0250.0010.0260.00125.79

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