Perforated Tubes and Pipes - High Strength for Filter Protection

A perforated tube, also known as perforated pipe, is a type of metal filter cartridge made from flat perforated plates then rolled and welded to a tube.
With high strength and deformation resistance, they perform well in holding and protecting fine filter mesh. They are widely used for filtration of air, liquid, oil, dust glass, coal or other chemicals, medicine, food or plastic industries, etc. No matter what the application, Filtalloy will design and adjust to fit clients’ needs.
five pieces of stainless steel perforated tubes are produced by straight seam welding

PEFT-1: Perforated tubes – straight seam welded

five pieces of stainless steel perforated tubes are produced by spiral welding

PEFT-1: Perforated tubes – straight seam welded


  • High-pressure resistance and impact resistance
  • Easy to produce with a wide filtration rating
  • Easy to control open rate by adjusting holes
  • Microfiltration rating is easy to reach combined with a fine mesh layer
  • Low-pressure drop loss
  • Better backwash efficiency than woven mesh filters
  • Smooth surface without burrs
  • High durability with a long lifespan
  • Easy to install, clean, and replace
  • High heat and corrosion resistance


  • Material: Variable materiaranges from stainless stee(SS304, SS316, SS316L, SS321, etc), mild steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, brass, copper, phosphor bronze, titanium, etc.
  • Hole types:round, square, slot, hex, or other speciashapes
  • Hole diameter:4mm – 20mm or larger choices as requested
  • Outer diameter: 10mm – 1000mm or larger custom ODs for pre-filtration
  • Length:up to 6m
  • Thickness:1mm to 3mm (A heavier gauge for larger OD tubes can also be customized)
  • End type:with or without margin
  • Filtration rating: min 1um combined with fine filter mesh
  • Flow direction:Outside to inside / Inside to outside
  • Surface treatment:degrease, brush polishing, or Electrolytic polishing as requested
a straight welded perforated pipe with square holes

PEFT-3: Square hole perforated pipe

PEFT-4: Scale hole perforated tube

three perforated tubes and right two with inner fine woven mesh welded

PEFT-5: Perforated tubes with an inner filtration mesh layer

five perforated tubes are round, square, and hex shapes, and are available with caps and used as the smoke pipe

PEFT-6: Available in round, square, hex, and other shapes

two perforated tubes with female threaded ends

PEFT-7: Perforated tubes with female threaded ends

two perforated tubes with rubber ends

PEFT-8: Perforated tubes with rubber ends

large perforated tube with a center open door

PEFT-9: Perforated tubes with an hinged open door

large perforated tube with outer support ring

PEFT-10:  Perforated tubes with outer Support Ring

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