In waste incineration plant, the air dust is filtered by hot gas filter element then discharged into the atmosphere.

High Precision Filtration Hot Gas Filter Element for Air Dust Industry

As air pollution is becoming worse and worse, Filtalloy has been positively devoted to environmental protection. With the rapid economic growth, a big volume of iron steel, cement, metallurgy, and energy is used. During production, much dust is generated. If it’s directly discharged into the air, it would pollute the environment. The air dust filter is essential to solving this problem.

In the industrial environment, air dust with high temperatures is usually dealt with by a bag filter system. While it covers a big area to reduce the temperature within 260℃ of air dust. On one side, the non-woven bags are easy to be clogged with wet dust. On the other side, dust is easy to cause a fire with bags because of electrostatic reaction.

To solve the high-temperature limit, a ceramic filter is generated. It could resist a 500℃ temperature. Yet once the length exceeds a certain length, it’s crispy and has a bad ability on thermal shock when temperature increases suddenly. Especially when starting the machine, the ceramic filter is easy to be damaged.

Filtalloy metal hot gas filter element could solve above problems. It could resist high temperatures of 1100℃ and doesn’t need to reduce the temperature process. And the good ductility makes it work well when the temperature increases suddenly. Good filtration rate, corrosion-resistant, and robust strength assure a long lifetime.

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Hot Gas Filtration Elements

Hot Gas Filtration Elements

For High -temperature flue gas pollution treatment
  • Resist high temperature and pressure
  • Not easy to be damaged and minimized maintenance and downtime
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