Porous Metal Filters for Gas Liquid and Steam Filtration

Filtalloy Porous Metal Filters are sintered by metal powders in a vacuum furnace. This enhances the mechanical strength and high-pressure drop. The porosity is uniform and stable. When the instrument shows pressure drop increases, the system will be shut down and maintained. After cleaning, the porous metal filters could be reused.


  • Material: stainless steel3087, 316, 316L, titanium, Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel, Alloy 20 and so on
  • Format: disc and cylinder
  • Cylinder wall thickness: max. 3mm
  • Filtration: min. 1um
  • Porosity: more than 50%
  • Adaptor: 222, 226, NPT, BSP, M20/30 and so on
  • Seamless structure with higher strength, more durable
  • Clean: ultrasonic bath


  • High temperature resistance and corrosion
  • Robust construction, resistant high pressure drop
  • Cleanable, extend the lifespan
  • Uniform pore size
  • High filter efficiency


  • Gas filtering, such as steam filtering
  • Liquid filtering, such as water, oil, beverage, chemical, viscous liquid, corrosion liquid, solvent
  • Solid filtering, such as catalyst recovery and retention
We supply the porous metal filter with different dimension.

Adaptor Choices Filtalloy Supplies:

For the porous metal filter, we could supply M threads, 222,226,215 and DOE connector. Other connectors could also be customized.

We supply the porous metal filter with different kind of connectors

POF-1: Porous instrument filters with different adaptor types

Porous Metal Filter

POF-2: Sintered porous sparger for beveragge, bear and chemical production

Porous Metal Filter

POF-3: Stainless steel sintered filters for solvent treatment

Porous Metal Filter

POF-4: Titanium powder aerators with high pressure resistance for waste water treatment

Porous Metal Filter

POF-5: Titanium aerators with uniform holes to allow air flowing out

Porous Metal Filter

POF-6: Sintered bronze  silencer in different sizes and types for noise reduction

Porous Metal Filter

POF-7: Fitalloy can also supply porous metal filters without adapters

Porous Metal Filter

POF-8: Thin porous metal filter discs in stainless steel AISI316L

Porous Metal Filter

POF-9: Thick porous metal filter elements with good flame resistance

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