Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Pleated Cartridge
Increasing Filtration Area and Improve Filter Efficiency

The pleated metal filter element are constructed with supporting layers and filter layer, pleated then welded together. With a supporting layer, it could undertake the high pressure. With the pleated process, it increases the filtration area several times more than the usual candle filter. Because of this, pleated metal filter element shortens the filter time and improves the filter effectiveness.

It’s an ideal material for polymer metal filter element on fibers, films and resins. It’s also widely used for chemical fiber, textiles and plastic industries. We design a range of products to meet the diverse filtration, separation, and purification demand


  • High flow rates. The pleated process increases the filter area and dirt holding capacity. The pleated metal filter element reduces the differential pressure and saves the filter cost.
  • Long on-stream life time. The pleated metal filter element has supporting layer to protect the filter layer avoiding being destroyed. Besides, when customer install in their equipment, there’s perforated tube inside or outside to protect the pleated metal filter element. These help extends the lifespan, reduce downtime and save cost.
  • Easy to clean. TPleated filter element can be washed by superheated steam, chemical, Ultrasonic and other methods to remove the contamination. We have a skilled technical department to solve the critical cleaning problems to extend the filter on-stream lifetime. If you have any quesitons, pls contact us.
several pieces of stainless steel pleated metal filter elements with different dimensions and connections




  • Polymer filtration- PE, LDPE, PET, PP, PA, PBT, PC, PEEK, BOPET, BOPP, PMMA, EVA,
    carbon-fiber , fiber, resin, film, sheet, etc.
  • Liquid/solid filtration food and beverages, pharmaceutics, chemicals, hydraulic, lube and fuel
    filters, inkjet printers, petrochemical processes and more.
  • Gas/solid filtration
  • Oil refinery, chemical processing ( ammonia gases, polysilicon, EDC, olefins gases, …), or
    smelting (Ni, Pt, Cu, Al …), coal gasification, cement and steel production, nuclear filtration and
    many more.
The comparison of polymer filter element with different filter layer
ItemWoven mesh for filter layerFilter fiber as filter layer
Filter mediaHard particulateHard particle and deformable gel
Filter micron5-400 micron1-100 micron
Dirt holding capacityLowHigh
Work differential pressureHighHigh
Work temperatureHighHigh
Repeat cleaningYesYes
Corrosion resistantGoodGood

PMF-1 Stainless steel folding oil filter element

two stainless steel pleated filter cartridges with all pleats welded firmly to the inside perforated plate

PMF-2 Stainless steel filter cartridges with reinforced plate

PMF-3 Metal pleated filter cartridge with supporting layer inside suitable for filtration from outside to inside

PMF-4 Stainless steel filter cartridges with supporting layer, suitable for polymer melt filtration from inside to outside

PMF-5 Stainless steel filter cylinder with reinforced belt for air filtration

stainless steel filter pleated candle filter with male threads and precious filtration

PMF-6 Stainless steel candle filter without reinforced belt

five pieces of hydraulic oil filter element with hexagonal female threads

PMF-7 Hydraulic oil filter element with female threads

PMF-8 Pleated stainless steel filter cartridge with male threads for oil filter

two stainless steel pleated filter with folded mesh inside and perforated plate outside

PMF-9 Stainless steel pleated filter with flange for liquid filtration

two stainless steel mesh filter cartridge with handles and outside perforated plate

PMF-10 Stainless steel cartridges filter with handles for pharmaceutic industry

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