We supply the filter elements for aircraft

Metal Filters with Fine Filtration and Robust Strength for Space Industry

Aircraft and spacecraft are two main parts of the space industry. They reply on metal filters to remove contaminants to ensure safety and avoid suffering damage. Without the filtration component, the whole system will face to fail and even cause catastrophic accidents. If the filtration part is not compatible with the system, or contamination could not meet the demand, it will cause malfunctions or total system failure. With the reliable filtration ability, we Filtalloy supply the filter elements according to the strictest regulation. Our metal filter elements are metal so the material won’t deteriorate. The fixing point is also welded not bonded together. And no particles will fall off. With the cutting edge of design, we supplied critical precision filtration and fluid management solution for diverse applications. This ensures the aerospace running properly, keeping out of contamination, reducing maintenance time, downtime, and system failure chance.

MetaFilters Application
  • Hydraulic filter for protecting the pump and injector. We use filter elements to ensure the hydraulic liquid is clean.
  • Oxygen filters. It’s to prevent rubber, dust, rust, and other contamination mixed in the oxygen to pose a hazard to health.
  • Coolant filters
  • Fuefilters
  • Oifilters
  • Water filters
  • Propulsion system
  • To assure the quality, we test the metafilters as follows:
  • Liquid and Pneumatic Flow Testing
  • High Flow Testing
  • Proof and Burst Pressure
  • Dirt Loading
  • Thermaflow
  • Relevant Product:

    Porous metafilter disc

    For air filter in Aerospace industry
  • Uniform pore size for air distribution
  • Seamless structure, not crack
  • Resist high differentiapressure
  • Pleated Metal Filter Cylinder

    Stainless SteePleated Cartridge

    For air and hydraulic oifilter of aircraft and spacecraft industry, automatic industry, etc.
  • High strength
  • Reusable and cleanable
  • Sintered Mesh Filter Elements

    For air and oifilter of aircraft and spacecraft industry, water filter, plastic industry, etc.
  • Robust strength
  • Resist high pressure drop
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