Micro electromics

Phtotoetching for Microelectronic devices

As microelectronic products become smaller and smaller to meet customers’ convenience requirements, it has more demand for smaller components. Semiconductor chip connects the world with it. A Photoetching plate as the carrier is the optimal way to supply the flat and burr-free parts. At the same time, it also maintains low tolerance to assure accurate dimensions. Besides the photoetching process avoids most contamination pollution than other production processes. It totally meets the semiconductor requirement on this side.

And we have the flexible tooling to make the goods and modify improves the efficiency. It helps fulfill the aim of producing as many pieces as possible.

Filtalloy has 15 years of professional technique and experience to assure the strong supplying ability and good service. Our superior team has supplied customized solutions to solve different customers’ problems. Meanwhile, we have been keeping learning forefront technology to become the leading company in this industry.

Application: Semiconductor chip for the electronic device

Relevant Product:

Etched Metal

For semiconductor chip of microelectronics industry
  • fine dimension with lowest tolerance
  • Less contamination
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