Copper Woven Mesh Material Comparison Chart

Too many copper grades can be used to produce woven wire mesh. To give our client a simple guide of material choosing, below we list a simple comparison of copper, brass, bronze, and phosphor bronze for reference.

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Chemical Composition & Mechanical Properties Comparison of Copper Wire Mesh Grades
GradeCuPbZnFePAgAsOSbSnTensile StrengthYield StrengthElongationHardnessTemperature
COPPERC1010099.99 Min0.0005 Max0.0001 Max0.001 Max0.0003 Max0.0025 Max0.0005 Max0.0005 Max0.0004 Max/240 Min/35 Min40150 Max
C1020099.95 Min0.001 Max////////240 Min49-7835 Min40150 Max
C1100099.90 Min0.005 Max0.0040 Max0.005 Max//0.002 Max0.05 Max0.02 Max0.002 Max240 Mtn6935 Min40150 Max
C1250099.88 Min0.004 Max0.0050 Max0.005 Max0.03 Max/0.012 Max0.0006 Max0.003Max0.002 Max240 Min/35 Min40150 Max
BRONZEC2200089.0-91.00.05 MaxBalance0.05 Max//////300 Min/35 Min42200 Max
BRASSC2300084.0-86.00.05 MaxBalance0.05 Max//////300 N«n/25 Min/200 Max
C2400078.5-81.50.05 MaxBalance0.05 Max//////300 Min/35 Min/200 Max
C2600068.5-71.50.07 MaxBalance0.05 Max//////300 Min/35 Min/200 Max
C2620067.0-70.00.07 MaxBalance0.05 Max//////300 Min/35 MM/200 Max
C2700063.0-68.50.1 MaxBalance0.07 Max/////0.10 Max300 Min/35 Min55200 Max
C2720062.0-65.00.07 MaxBalance0.07 Max/////300 K«n/40 Min/200 Max
C2800059.0-63.00.3 MaxBalance0.07 Max//////300 Mb14040 Min78200 Max
PHOSPHOR BRONZEC51000Balance0.05 Max0.3 Max0.1 Max0.03-0.35////4.20-5.80345 Min131-55245 Min/200 Max
C51100Balance0.05 Max0.3 Max0.1 Max0.03-0.35////3.50-4.90345 Min345-55248 Min/200 Max
C51900Balance0.05 Max0.3 Max0.1 Max0.03-0.35////5.00-7.00410 Min58650 Min/200 Max
C52100Balance0.05 Max0.2 Max0.1 Max0.03-0.35////7.00-9.00410 Min165-55250 Min/200 Max

Note: above table is a reference guide only. For more details about woven mesh grade, welcome to contact Filtalloy before choosing material grade. We can give professional suggestions.