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Optimizing Hengshui business environment ensures the high-quality development of wire mesh industry

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Hengshui City, Hebei Province is a well-known “Industrial Zone of Wire Mesh”. According to reports, Hengshui wire mesh is originated in traditional silk cloth production of the Ming Dynasty. After multiple raw material development stages from mane tails, cotton weaving to metal wire mesh. Today, Hengshui wire mesh production process includes drawing, weaving, welding, non -woven process, perforation, and intensive-process to finished end-use products, total 6 series, more than 400 varieties, and more than 6,000 specifications, widely used in water conservancy and transportation industry, Animal husbandry industry, and agricultural building decoration, as well as high -precision fields such as aerospace, oil, chemical and petrochemical industry.

In recent years, in order to promote the development of the wire mesh industry, Hengshui has taken support measures for the introduction of international high-tech equipment, standard formulation, brand setting up and listing, etc. In addition, Hebei Province has also been established in Hebei Province The Wire Mesh Industry Technology Research Institute has been established to provide a cooperation platform for enterprises and related colleges, and encourages enterprises to carry out technical research and development.

In the next step, Hengshui County will give full play to the role of government guidance, industry guidance, and market leadership, actively encourage enterprises to increase investment in science and technology, guide enterprises to carry out industrial design, encourage enterprises to extend to both ends of the value chain, and strive to develop advanced equipment to the upstream, design and downstream terminal product manufacturing and service extension.Stainless Steel Woven Mesh Factory

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