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Why use the extruder screen in extruding machine

Extruder screen

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During the process of plastic extrusion, the plastic melt has been plasticized and heated for a long time, and a differentiated residue will occur in the melt. With the impurities in the raw materials, once they enter the squeezing machine, they will form a flow tract blockage. , Plastic products have defects, and they cannot even produce normally. In order to filter the debris and make the pure melt into the extruded molding head, generally set an extruder screen between the screw head and extrusion molding machine to prevent impurities and foreign bodies from entering the head of the molding machine. With the continuation of the squeezing time, the debris on the extruder screen gradually accumulates to form the pressure of the head of the machine, and the flow decreases. When the necessary pressure is beyond the necessary pressure, the extruder screen is broken and the filter fails. At this moment, the filter screen must be replaced by a new one. Essence From the demolition head → cleaning → changing the new net → rearing up → traction → normal production and extrusion, the entire process of operation is less than tens of minutes, as many as a few hours, forming raw material loss, waste of power, and increased production costs.

Plastic granulator mesh replacement has the characteristics of continuous production and network convenience. It is an ideal supporting device for waste plastic granulators. The non-stop mesh replacement is generally a mesh body and a filter. Multi-porous boards, plunges, and heater. Plastic melts flow through the filter on the plunger, and the impurities are gradually accumulated in the filter. The melt pressure rises over time, and the filter should be replaced in time when the load can be affected by the waste plastic granulator. When replacing the filter, first pull out the plunger until the filter shows the body and replace the filter. After the upper column is restored, the same method replaces the filter in the lower plunger and completes the network change process. This type of non -stop machine -changing mesh structure is simple and suitable for squeezing production with clean raw materials. However, because the waste plastics of the production and recycling materials are difficult to completely clean, during the production process of regeneration, the melt impurities accumulate in the filter in a short period of time. Head pressure rises. When the melt pressure exceeds the limit, the filter is crowded. If this type of mesh replacement is used to frequently replace the filter screen and even causes the shutdown, it will seriously affect the production capacity and finished product rate of the equipment. Therefore, in order to reduce the time to stop, increase production and economic benefits, and improve the quality of recycling materials, these problems are urgent.

The working principle of the plastic granulator extruder is: Plastic melts flow into the mesh body by the anti-rinse body, and a metal filter filters the impurities. The impurities on the filter gradually accumulate, and the melt pressure rises. When the melting pressure reaches the set value in front of the network, the rushing columns move under the promotion of the hydraulic cylinder. In a small part of the melt, the impurities accumulated on the filter are brought out. After the setting time, the plunger began to move upward under the action of the hydraulic cylinder. A small part of the melt flowed backward, bringing out the impurities accumulated in the filter, and the backflow of the backbone was reinstated. Pass. In this way, the process of automatically cleaning the filter is achieved to achieve the purpose of cleaning the filter. The filter can be used circularly, which greatly extends the intervals of the mesh and can be produced continuously for a long time.

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