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Stainless Steel Filter Element

Stainless Steel Filter Element

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The stainless steel filter element is a professional term for filtering and purification functions. In order to purify the resource and resource separation of the original fluid, the filter element is mainly used in the filtering industry such as oil filtration, air filtration, and water filtration.

The filter element is separated from solid particles in liquid or gas or enables different material components to fully contact, speed up the reaction time, and protect the normal work of the equipment or clean the air. When the fluid enters the filter element with certain specifications, its impurities are blocked, And clean streams flow through the filter element. The liquid filter element allows the liquid (including oil, water, etc.) to make the contaminated liquid clean to the state required for production and life, that is, to make the liquid reaches a certain degree of cleanliness.

Stainless Steel Filter Element Feature

Stainless Steel Filter, has good filtering performance, and a surface filtration performance of 2-200 μm filtration particle size. The filter part 0.5 -200 μm usually uses stainless steel sintered mesh. Its shape size can be processed according to user requirements.

Features of stainless steel filter element:


  1. Good filtration performance, and the uniform surface filtration performance of 2-200 μm of filtration particle size;
  2. Good ability on corrosion resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance, and abrasion resistance;
  3. Stainless steel filtration element has uniform air pores and accurate filtration accuracy;
  4. Stainless steel filter element has high flow per unit area
  5. Stainless steel filter element is suitable for low-temperature and high-temperature environments; you can clean it after using to avoid replacement.


Stainless steel filter element application: petrochemical, oilfield pipeline filtration; fuel filtering of refueling equipment, construction machinery equipment; filtering of water treatment industry equipment; pharmaceutical and food processing fields; under the following situation:

  • Rated flow 80-200L/min
  • Work pressure 1.5-2.5Pa
  • Filtration area (M2) 0.01-0.20
  • Filter accuracy (μm) 2-200 μm
  • Filter material: Stainless Steel Weaving mesh 


Stainless Steel Perforated plate is used for the pre-stage water removal of the heavy oil combustion system, and it can also be used for chemical liquid filtration. The accuracy is 100um.

Stainless steel filter elements are suitable for pre-processing and post -processing systems in industrial sectors such as electronics, petroleum, chemical, medicine, and food. Water quality with low suspension impurities (less than 2 ~ 5 mg/L) is further purified.

Stainless Steel Basket Strainer

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