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How Do We Assure The Extruder Screen Quality

extruder screen with rim

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1. Material of Extruder Screen

2. Wire Cloth Quality of Extruder Screen

3. Calendered to Enure the Extruder Screen Surface Smooth

4. Size and Shape of Extruder Screen

5. Welding and Rim of Extruder Screen


Extruder screens are usually used for plastic extrusion products manufacturing. The quality of the extruder screen directly determines the quality of plastic products. If the filter material is mixed with impurities, it will cause the plastic products quality unstable. This affects the good reputation image of the enterprise in the market. Therefore, we must ensure the quality of the extruder screen.

1. Material of Extruder Screen

Our commonly used extruder screen is stainless steel and mild steel (also called carbon steel). Due to the complicated market, different manufacturers supply different quality of raw materials. For example, stainless steel, low Nickel content may cause the products rust. We have long-term stable suppliers that strictly control the raw materials according to international standards. It ensures that enterprises will not encounter quality problems during the use of customers.

2. Wire Cloth Quality of Extruder Screen

All the extruder screens are processed by punching or laser cutting of the whole roll of metal wire cloth. Therefore, the quality of weaving wire cloth will directly determine the quality of the extruder screen. We have introduced the advanced fully automatic CNC loom from Germany. Our weaving looms can set parameters, such as tension, meters and rotation. This can ensure that the wire diameter is uniform, the mesh aperture are uniform, surface smooth without burs and no damage. The production efficiency is also improved.



3. Calendered to Assure the Extruder Screen Surface Smooth

When the fully automatic CNC loom works, the weaving wire cloth wrapped in a roll. Some wire cloth needs to be calendered to be flat, because the diameter of the wire is too thin. After this process, the size of extruder screen can be accurate when punching or laser cutting it.

4. Size and Shape of Extruder Screen

The commonly used extruder screen is round, oval or kidney shape. And the diameter requirements are diverse. For special sizes and special shapes, we usually use laser cutting methods to ensure diameter and shape. For a large amount, we usually use the method of punching machine with the die mold. Because stainless steel has ductility, the processed products will be a little larger than setting data. Our experienced engineers will set data to ensure extruder screen diameter to meet customer demands.


5. Welding and Rim of Extruder Screen

After punching the extruder screen, we will perform welding and rim processes. Multi-layer electro-welded extruder screen must ensure that the welding joint must be uniform and welded must be strong. When customers use it, the welding joint will not fall off.

For example a extruder screen with a diameter of 125mm, welded it strictly in accordance with the customer’s requirements, 4 spot weld. Welding is firm.


The extruder screen with rim usually is round or rectanglular. It’s the multi-layer extruder screens are crimped by aluminum or stainless steel rim by punching machine. This kind of extruder screen could resist higher pressure. The rim is crimped firmly, not easy to fall.


We are experienced extruder screen manufacturers and can provide you with various solutions. If you have any questions, welcome to contact us!


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